iA/MOF Sustaining Growth Through Enterprise Transformation

The Sustaining Growth Through Enterprise Transformation dialogue session was held at the Auditorium, Ministry of Finance, Putrajaya on May 3rd 2012. The great participation and support contributed to making the dialogue session a success.
The iA Group would like to thank the Ministry of Finance for inviting us to share our decade of experiences and lesson learnt in strategy, people development, talent management and technology; leading towards enterprise transformation. As the world continues to be volatile, ambiguous and uncertain; enterprise success measured by the agility of the organisation, people and its processes. The presence of YBhg Dato Mat Noor Nawi, TKSU, Ministry of Finance was a positive indication of the commitment of the Ministry in supporting the unlimited potential and growth of the MOF Incorporated Companies.
Enterprise agility is critical to mark the growth and turning points of an organisation's existence. A combination of creating and innovative talent management infrastructure; building extra-ordinary leaders throughout the organisation; achieving actionable strategies; implementing thought-through technology platforms; are key ingredients to drive new performances and milestones. These inter-related initiative and activities are highly demanded in the current scenario and requires an aligned team and workforce to deliver them.